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Since 2013, Blackbyrd Goods has been making handcrafted, high quality leather goods alongside a curated and ever-changing selection of streetwear and international brands we love. Our storefront in the Carytown district of Richmond, Virginia is also our studio which means customers have the unique and immersive experience of watching our leather goods come to life and seeing the skill and detail that goes into every piece. Every visit is different since we’re always creating new things, rotating our international brands based on our most recent adventure or wanderlust, and of course our in-house streetwear is always fresh.

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For us, travel and exploration are what fuel creativity. When you expand your perspective, you expand your ability to express yourself while making space for others to do the same. Blackbyrd isn’t just a shop, it’s an outlet that challenges us every day to seek out new things, seize the present moment and share that with others. When you shop with us, you’re supporting creative endeavours - including your own.

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